Mill House Restaurant

Mill House Cocktail: La Próxima Palabra

The Prohibition may be nothing more than a dusky lesson in history for many, but for mixologists at The Mill House it’s the inspiration behind one of their most provocative pours. And this ain’t no bathtub gin either, crusader: La Próxima Palabra takes the down-and-dirty Detroit classic and gives it a modern Maui spin.

Three Day Guide to Maui

For over twenty consecutive years, Maui has been voted the Best Island in the World. With 120 miles of majestic coastline, one of the deepest volcanic craters on Earth, and one of the wettest rainforests in the West, we wouldn’t be the first to insist that Maui deserves every one of its awards.

The History of Waikapū

Visitors to Maui are often drawn to the south and west sides of the island, and often for good reason, considering that these beachy cities boast the lion’s share of condos and resorts. What few newcomers realize, however, is that Maui is also home to a smattering of small gems with huge hearts—and positively riveting histories.